Now Accepting Massage insurance: 

Auto, L&I, First Choice


Don’t see your insurance listed? We can provide a Superbill for you.

A Superbill is a receipt you turn into your insurance company along with your prescription for massage in order to seek reimbursement for services rendered. You are responsible for paying for your treatment at the time of service. Your insurance company will determine how much they will reimburse you and send you a check or apply it toward your out-of-network deductible.

*In order to bill your insurance,

you MUST supply us with a prescription/referral for massage BEFORE your treatment. If you are a first-time patient, you must call us to schedule an appointment so we can gather the necessary information to check your benefits. 

Even if, according to your insurance plan, you can self refer for massage, you need to get a prescription from a medical professional. We, as massage therapists, are not legally allowed to diagnose. Therefore, we cannot legally determine if massage is medically necessary for your condition. Massage must be medically necessary to treat an injury or loss of function in order for insurance to cover it.

Please be aware that even if you have one of the insurance carriers listed above, not every insurance plan has a massage benefit. If massage is covered by your plan, your deductible may need to be met before your insurance will pay for your massage treatments. We need to call your insurance before your first appointment so that we are fully informed on what is covered and what you are responsible for.

Online booking is not available for first-time patients using insurance. Please call to schedule. 360-547-2286

Treatment Massage With SOAP Notes Rates:

$31.25 per unit (1 unit = 15 min) for 97140*

$31.25 per unit (1 unit = 15 min) for 97124*

* 4 unit maximum

We provide the above listed modalities if you are receiving massage under the direction of a doctor or other health care provider, are not paying on the same day of service, and require a detailed record kept of each session. Progress charts and billing are included.

97140 is for manual therapy techniques. Manual therapy techniques include soft tissue and joint mobilization and manipulation, manual traction, and trigger point therapy. This type of treatment is intended to increase pain-free range of motion and facilitate a return to normal functional activities.

97124 is for massage therapy and includes effleurage, petrissage, and/or tapotement. This type of treatment is intended to increase circulation and promote tissue relaxation and is based on a basic relaxation massage.

*A discount is offered for Treatment Massage With SOAP Notes when you pay for your massage on the same day of service.